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MVL offers industry leading experience in the Mechanical Engineering. We recognize that in today’s market, solid technical expertise is essential throughout the entire project life cycle, and critical in maintaining successful operations. Our foundation is built on mechanical engineering, and we have personnel with a wide range of experience making us versatile and flexible.

Striving for excellence through professional service, innovation, total quality management and customer satisfaction.

Service provider of choice that adds value to your business through provision of optimised mechanical maintenance and sustainable engineering solutions.

MVL Solutions is a mechanical engineering services offering company that provide comprehensive innovative solutions within the energy sector which includes the power utility, municipalities, the mining sector, FMCG and the manufacturing industry. The company is 100% black owned and was formed in 2003 but re-registered in 2017 into a propriety limited. The company has taken full swing operations in 2013 with its members having acquired a collective experience of over 30 years in the energy sector.

MVL Solutions will achieve the said vision by adhering to the following four principles:

1. Comply will all statutory requirements.
2. Ethical conduct.
3. Good governance.
4. Accreditation with relevant bodies.

We are leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions for each individual customer.

From static to dynamic equipment, MVL Solutions will deliver an engineered solution to your problem or project needs. We can assist you in all phases of the engineering process thanks to our diverse team of Mechanical Engineering Experts.

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Inspiring Solutions

Change is the only constant in life, therefore at MVL Solution we embrace it and look for ways to adapt to it for the benefit of our clients/partners. Our industrialization agenda reflects our visionary prowess thereby enabling us to present timely solutions to our clients and partners. We look beyond the current economic land scape by being your ideal solution to your problem. Your technical problem is like magnet to us.

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Customer Satisfaction

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Extensive Experience

Extensive experience in the design and management of large and medium electrical, electronic, mechanical and statutory engineering projects.

Strong Relationships

Excellent references and strong relationships with our clients.

Innovative Solutions

Provide innovative and targeted solutions to ensure on-time delivery, quality results and cost-effective construction and operating costs.

We're innovative regarding our Mechanical Engineering Solutions.